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We go beyond conventional services, providing comprehensive and robust support tailored to experienced entrepreneurs navigating complex challenges.

How many times have you uttered the words or thought to yourself, if only I could clone myself?

If you are like most hospitality entrepreneurs, you find there are never enough hours in the day or enough hands, eyes and brains to tackle the never-ending challenges of running a successful hospitality enterprise. That’s where the Small Batch Concepts team steps in…

Partnering as “cloners” with your team to make your hospitality business a success!

Clone + Owner = Cloner

/klōn/ + /ˈōnər/ = /klōnər/


/ˈklōn /

noun: clone; plural noun: clones

a person or thing regarded as identical to another



noun: owner; plural owners

one to whom business or property belongs

What We Do

Helping our clients successfully navigate their entrepreneurial journeys

Our team understands that each business is unique! With our hands-on approach, and an eye on your bottom line, we provide creative, functional business solutions for your individual challenges. Whether you are at the visionary/startup phase, or decades into your hospitality journey, we join forces with you and your team to provide powerful solutions to your hospitality challenges.

Operations, Logistics and SOPs

Business Flow &Vendor Management

Communication and Technology tools

Best Practices

All Things Culinary

Menu Design

Recipe Development & Presentation Standards

Sourcing and Purchasing

Business Development and Marketing

Growth & Scalability


Social Media & Custom Campaigns

Human Resources

Culture Building

Team Training

Administrative Tools

Project Management from Start to Finish

Vision & Design

Construction & Interiors


Community Engagement

Mentorship Programing & Training

Community Sponsorships & Partnerships

Social Responsibility

How We Work

As “Hands On Hospitality Consultants”, we want to get to know you and your operation. Each venture is unique, and we believe in investing time to listen to your individual goals, work to understand current challenges or stressors in your business, and then put together the right team for your project. With our “Operations Assessment” (detailed below), we will identify current weaknesses and chart a course forward to enhance your overall operation.

For those entrepreneurs looking to start a new hospitality business,

the Small Batch Concepts Team will skillfully perform a New Concept Assessment.

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Our Five Step Hospitality Operations Assessment

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    Getting Familiar

    The Small Batch Concepts team will meet with you at your establishment in order to understand why you reached out to us. This allows us to learn more about the challenges facing your business and establish some preliminary goals, including a project timeline.

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    Share Your Story

    To truly understand your needs, we will review any and all materials you are willing to share. Ideally, all standard operating materials, printed collateral (such as guest menus, promotional literature, etc), culinary documentation and recipes, P&L statements, as well as online presence. This “deep dive” into your defined standards arms your Small Batch team with perspective to tackle the next step.

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    Let’s Visit

    After a brief intro to your team, we spend time at your location, observing operations and interactions both in the Front of House and Back of House. This observation period allows us to compare actual day-to-day operations to your ideal/defined standards. The more you share with us during this phase, the better we can determine challenges and remove the roadblocks to success and profitability.

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    Let’s Chat

    Following our visit, your Small Batch Consultant will host a debrief session with you to discuss initial findings and share general thoughts on strategies to enhance your operation’s overall performance.

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    The Good Stuff

    The last piece of a typical Operations Assessment is our report. This document will recap the process, clearly detail challenges identified, and provide clear, actionable steps for improving operational efficiencies. Together, we review your report and determine how to implement the recommended improvements.

Who We Serve

We’ve partnered with hospitality teams from startups to industry veterans…and everybody in between.

Whether you’re an existing owner looking to grow, a multi-unit operator seeking to expand and enhance your brand, or an entrepreneur envisioning the launch of a new hospitality venture, Small Batch Concepts will be your “CLONER” every step of the way

Catering Companies

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Clubs

Food and Market Halls

Ghost Kitchens, Culinary Incubators and Shared Kitchens

Boutique Hotels & Spas

Specialty Food Producers

Breweries & Wineries

Special Event Sites and Venues

Luxury Senior Living Communities

Food Trucks & Specialty Mobile Operators

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Need a “Cloner” to help with your new Hospitality Venture or looking to make adjustments to your existing business? No question is ever too big or too small. We’d love to hear from you.